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family owned, private company that designs and creates high quality women’s apparel

Making its home in Plymouth, Minnesota, TLB Holdings, Inc. is a family-owned, private company that designs and creates high quality women’s apparel.

Charm and grace are always in style

About TLB Holdings, Inc.

The fabric of our company is woven by the enthusiasm, diverse talents, dedication and pride of our employees. Owner Tammy Boyd draws on her experience in retail management and manufacturing to continually enhance the growth dynamic of the company through acquisition and innovation. The successful blend of product and personnel continue to provide TLB Holdings, Inc. with healthy and profitable growth.

Our design team shares their talent and personal inspirations in the styles we create for our customers. It is our hope that our customers will feel the embodiment of this spirit when they wear our clothing.

Our garments are manufactured in the United States, Mexico and Asia. We use specific inspection procedures that ensure all production facilities are human rights compliant and uphold our company’s value of quality of life for all employees.

Our Mission
To position TLB Holdings, Inc. as a leading manufacturer of quality apparel brands to retailers and those who wear our clothes. To further provide a working atmosphere for our employees that clearly defines and emphasizes the values and balance of family and career.

TLB Holdings, Inc. provides clothing for local organizations who aim to support women, students, and families through:

° Shelter ° Assistance ° Encouragement in times of crisis ° School fundraising programs

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